Contribute Content to Lessons in Liberty

Submit any articles for potential publication to Lessons in Liberty seeks to have 4 skilled, liberty-minded writers contribute content to Lessons in Liberty on a weekly basis.

I’m looking for 4 bright individuals to create blogs and/or videos on:
  • Current events relating to politics, economics, libertarianism, etc.
  • Opinions relevant to the site.
  • Interviews & reports from events relevant to the site.
  • History, philosophy, and other content relating to libertarianism, economics, politics, etc.
Blog & Video Requirements:
  • 300+ words | 2+ minute videos | 2 or 3 blogs or videos every week (depending on length of content and availability).
  • Must be approved by me (I recommend asking before creating very long content).
  • Must be easy for the intelligent layman to understand.
  • Accuracy in reporting.
  • Good conventions and grammar.
Benefits of creating content:
  • Get your work and name out there by creating content.
  • Practice your writing and learn as you create content.
  • Link to your own personal blog or articles within posts to the Lessons in Liberty blog to get more exposure as a content creator and/or traffic to your site.
  • Grow your skills, knowledge, and reputation while helping the site grow.

Send a few samples of your writing along with your (1) name, (2) age, (3) best way to contact you, & (4) a little about yourself including why you want to get involved by creating content for the site and your aspirations as a writer or in the liberty movement to