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Lessons in Liberty Podcast Episode 14, I talk about the Antifa-like “libertarians” who have been attacking right-wing libertarians and I talk about the history of Antifa.

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Welcome to episode 14 of the Lessons in Liberty Podcast, a show where we talk about matters relating to Austrian Economics, libertarian philosophy, and right-wing politics. The show notes are available at lessonsinliberty.net/episode14. You can listen to the show through the audio player in each blog post as well as iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher. Stitcher is an award-winning free app that let’s you listen to all your favorite shows, plus discover from 65,000+ news, entertainment and sports shows. Don’t have Stitcher? … Download it free today at Stitcher.com or in the app store.

I’ve got more dumb libertarian Facebook shenanigans to talk about, but I really don’t want to bring attention to these people and I don’t want this show to be focused on this nonsense. Because these people are calling me a fascist sympathizer among other things, I’ll clear the air and also talk about the origins of Antifa and why libertarians should not be sympathetic towards Antifa.

I was enjoying my Friday night in with my girlfriend watching a movie in our apartment when I started getting a bunch of Facebook notifications saying “this person has rated Lessons in Liberty 1 star out of 5.” The 1 star reviews kept on coming all night. I’m familiar with 2 of the trolls that left my page bad reviews and who I suspect were the ones leading this attack on my page. I only recognized these 2 guys because of their horrible reputation. James Weeks, the morbidly obese neckbeard who stripped and danced on stage at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention, and Mike Shipley, a typical degenerate libertarian. Another one of the first people to leave the bad review was a tranny… like I’m supposed to take your political opinions seriously when you don’t know what gender you are?

These are the libertarians who come from the left and have been giving rational libertarians headaches for a while now. These guys are sympathetic to the ideas of socialism, as evident with their support of the LP Socialist Caucus. By the way, as far as I can tell, these different caucuses within the LP are pretty much just Facebook groups and pages where people spend their time on the internet, so we shouldn’t take them too seriously. It was pretty telling though that LP leadership refused to condemn these socialists in the party, but that’s another issue. These guys are also sympathetic to Antifa. A few of the so-called libertarians who rated my page actually had Antifa logos in their profile pictures. Others contained irrational slogans promoting open borders and mass immigration like, “No human is illegal.” Again, this comes back to r vs K selected biology. These people are extremely present-oriented. So much so that they can’t think through complex problems and understand long-term implications or secondary consequences of certain policies and behaviors. For example, promoting LGBT issues might seem libertarian, but there’s really nothing libertarian about promoting the behaviors that result in socialization of costs. Opponents of monogamy and traditional values don’t realize that it is monogamy and traditional values that keep costs within families and small communities, rather than having to be subsidized at city, state, or federal levels.

Unfortunately, the liberty movement has been very tolerant toward these cultural leftists. The Libertarian Party has been pretty accepting of these people. In fact, one of the people on the Libertarian National Committee is a bisexual sex-worker. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve given up on the Libertarian Party and now these leftists in the movement are pushing good people out of the movement. Jared Howe said it best on Facebook:

The so-called liberty movement is basically just a drama club for narcissists with a Messiah complex.

One thing that really frustrates me is irrationality and that’s all I see from the left-leaning libertarians. It drives me crazy that these people promote policies like open borders because they are thinking emotionally and are emotionally attached to abstract principles. They don’t combine the principles with reality. They just hedonistically push their emotional conclusions. A lot of these people don’t have children or families, which means they have no skin in the game. So, of course they are going to advocate for irrational policies like open borders. They won’t have kids who will be harmed by their policies down the road, so they don’t care. I really think a lot of these people are that simple minded. Anyway, I ended up getting a 24 hour Facebook ban for some of the choice words I had for the people reviewing my page. When I was able to post again, I said:

Ok, so another stupid LP caucus called Libertarian Party Audacious Caucus led by Antifa scum and morbidly obese failed male stripper trying his hand in politics, James Weeks, as well as all-around degenerate, Mike Shipley, attacked my page with 1 star reviews. This was all over a Pinochet t-shirt design I made. Of course, these idiots didn’t listen to my podcast episode or anything, they just decided to attack me by claiming I worship fascist dictators and all kinds of other nonsense. These are the same people leaving 1 star reviews on Christopher Chase Rachels’ new book on Amazon without ever opening the book. These are the Stalinist leftist SJW’s that are trying to infiltrate the liberty movement. These are these useful idiots for the left. All I can say is… CRUSH THE ANTI-FASCIST MOB.

I called these guys Stalinists because it’s like they are all on edge, afraid to say the wrong thing, and jumping at the chance to say anything that will give them recognition from their in-group. They are trying to purge the right-wing, conservative libertarians from the Libertarian Party and the liberty movement. If you say something they don’t like, they’ll come after you. These people are like family members turning each other in to the communist regime for breaking the rules. They’re only interested in increasing their social status, while trying to bring others down. Just like the left, they go after your livelihood. Just like the leftists in academia try to destroy the careers of any professors who say things they don’t like, these Antifa-like libertarians will go after your livelihood and your source of income. I’m not all that upset about them bringing my reviews on Facebook down below 3 stars, because my page isn’t that big yet and I’m really more concerned about my podcast and my site than my reviews on Facebook. Of course, I’d rather visitors to my page see 4 or 5 stars, but it’s not the biggest deal. I’m not brining in enough income at this point to freak out over bad reviews on my page. What I really take issue with is how these leftists attacked Chase Rachels’ book by giving it 1 star reviews on Amazon, of course without reading the book.

It’s pretty intellectually dishonest to leave reviews on my page calling me a fascist or whatever without listening to my podcast episode where I talked about this stuff, but it’s even worse to leave a bad review on a book you’ve never read. It’s clearly an attack on Chase Rachels’ livelihood. These people can’t comprehend that though. They can’t comprehend what it’s like to have a family and children that you must care for. I don’t feel bad at all saying that these people are scum and have nothing of value to offer the liberty movement. When you start advocating for things that are going to negatively impact me, my family, or future generations, you become an enemy. When you would rather virtue-signal against fascism than understand that Pinochet saved millions from communism, when you suggest Pinochet was wrong to fight the communists, you become a useful idiot for the left. You become a danger to Western Civilization.

It’s the cultural leftists with their high time preference that have been destroying the liberty movement. They continue to push the rational, right-wing libertarians away from the movement and wonder why so many libertarians have moved toward the Alt-right. At least the Alt-right has a strategy and a viable movement. Trump’s election is evidence of that. These leftists in the liberty movement sure try to make a lot of noise, but I think they are still a minority and they really are irrelevant when we look at the bigger picture. The Alt-right is relevant. Most libertarians are so against the Alt-right because of the Stalinist thought control I talked about that even advocating for the rights of white people makes you a Nazi in their eyes. This is why they attacked Chase’s book just because the word “white” is in the title. I think I’ve ranted enough about these wastes of life. If you want to check out Chase’s book, “White, Right, and Libertarian,” I have a link to it on Amazon in the sidebar at lessonsinliberty.net. You can help support the site and this show by using the Amazon links on my site when you go to buy something from Amazon. Other ways to support my efforts, including paypal, are at lessonsinliberty.net/links.

Now, let’s get something straight. Antifa should not be regarded by libertarians as a good organization simply because they claim to oppose fascism. But, of course the left libertarians love the idea of dressing up in black with faces covered and destroying private property. These are the same idiots that think rent is theft, so they aren’t going to have good judgement regarding Antifa. Libertarians should recognize Antifa as a pro-communist terrorist organization, not an ally in the fight against the state. Antifa wants to seize control of the state and throw everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders in gulags.

So, Antifa was a response to a right-wing German movement called Freikorps, or Free Corps, that was working on the side of the German government to fight against the Soviet-backed German Communists who were trying to overthrow the Weimar Republic after WWI. The Freikorps movement was likely the precursor to the Nazi movement. This is important because it’s not like Antifa is an organization that was started to fight fascism in the form of Nazism, but rather, Antifa was started to fight the people who were trying to stop the communists. It’s kind of like creating a problem and then taking credit for the solution, even though you created the problem. It’s not like Nazism came out of nowhere. It was a response to the Bolshevik revolution making its way to Germany. This is how the left tends to operate. They push and provoke and then play the victim when you fight back. According to Wikipedia:

In the 1920s and 1930s in the Weimar Republic, Communist Party and Social Democratic Party members advocated violence and mass agitation amongst the working class to first stop the Freikorps movements in immediate post-WW I Germany, and not long thereafter, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party. Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky wrote: “[F]ighting squads must be created … nothing increases the insolence of the fascists so much as ‘flabby pacifism’ on the part of the workers’ organisations … [It is] political cowardice [to deny that] without organised combat detachments, the most heroic masses will be smashed bit by bit by fascist gangs.”

Antifa came into existence to fight against the people fighting for freedom from communism. Trotsky’s thing was the permanent revolution. It is still happening as we speak. Today’s Antifa is just another group of useful idiots for the leftist politicians, just like they were when Trotsky was trying to implement communism in Russia. Any libertarians sympathetic to Antifa are also useful idiots for the left.

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