Mike Pence: Conservative in Name Only

Vice President Pence left the Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, October 8th apparently outraged at the national anthem protest that occurred. Some are speculating that this outrage was planned, to make a political statement.

According to Pence’s Twitter account:

According to Trump’s Twitter account:

It seems that Trump and Pence had planned this outrage as it was extremely likely that players would kneel during the anthem. According to MarketWatch.com:

That players would kneel during the anthem was a near certainty. The protest movement that has swept the league began with then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last year, and some 49ers players have knelt during the national anthem every game for the past two seasons.

There have even been reports that media was told to wait in a van because Pence would be leaving the game early:

According to a CNN White House Reporter, the cost for Pence to fly was upwards of $30,000 per hour. He flew 2.5 hours from Las Vegas to Indianapolis and another 2.5 hours to Los Angeles after leaving the game. This political activism, if you will, likely cost taxpayers more than $150,000. Trump and Pence are showing that they are conservative in name only. Repeal Obamacare and cut taxes rather than spending tax dollars on this nonsense.

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Government Sets a Bad Example for the Rest of Us

With the U.S. government nearing $20 trillion in debt, why should its citizens be self-sufficient, productive, and fiscally responsible? The federal government sets a bad example for the rest of us in various ways.


According to an article from the New York Times,

“The Republican-led Senate on Thursday approved legislation to raise the debt limit…. Republican leaders had wanted a longer-term extension of the debt limit, but were left with little recourse when Mr. Trump sided with the top Democrats in Congress…”

It seems some Republicans are justifying the raising of the debt limit because the aid is so desperately needed to help after hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters happening now. However, raising the debt limit likely wasn’t necessary to provide relief to the victims of hurricane Harvey. Also from that New York Times article,

“Before approving the legislation, the Senate rejected a proposal by Mr. Sasse to pass only the hurricane relief measure that had sailed through the House, without the debt limit or stopgap spending measure as part of it. Lawmakers also rejected a proposal by Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, to pay for hurricane relief using funds intended to be spent on foreign aid.”

So, Senator Ben Sasse and Senator Rand Paul both had ways to provide relief without raising the debt limit. Because Trump worked with Democrats to make this very liberal fiscal policy approved, his voter base should feel betrayed yet again by his actions that are contrary to his campaign rhetoric and promises.

The politicians in Washington right now would rather allow for more debt to be placed on the heads of future generations than to have the responsibility of cutting some other part of the budget to be able to pay for the disaster relief. They won’t face any consequences except maybe not getting reelected. If any household was struck with a budget emergency, simply extending their debt limit could be disastrous. Because us average people can’t print money, borrow money, or simply take it through taxation, in a budget emergency we would have to make difficult cuts to out budgets to be able to pay for the emergency.

If everyone ran their lives the way the federal government runs the country, there would be absolute chaos and turmoil. For one, government relies on the threat of force to collect taxes. If any person did this, it would be considered extortion. If everyone ignored the economic realities of the world and printed their own money, there would quickly be hyperinflation and an economic collapse. The government does things that would be inconceivable for a private individual to do.

Pay attention to who acts fiscally responsible in Washington. Don’t vote for politicians who won’t uphold libertarian principles.

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Trump’s Ignorance Regarding Amazon

Trump, the businessman, apparently slamming a business for its success…

Once again, President Trump demonstrates his economic illiteracy by slamming Amazon for “doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt – many jobs being lost!” Some say Trump’s comments on Amazon are due to its founder, Jeff Bezos, also owning the Washington Post. Trump is not alone in his economic illiteracy, however. A lot of people have fears of big companies putting other companies out of business as well as fears of automation and other innovations killing jobs. To Trump and any other proponents of government intervention in the economy I ask, if you want to stop Amazon from replacing retail stores, then why not stop Netflix from putting movie rental companies out of business?

So, how is Amazon putting retail stores out of business? Is Amazon reaching into the bank accounts of retail store companies and taking money from them (like the government does to corporations as well as individuals by an income tax)? Of course not. Amazon is doing better than retail stores precisely because consumers have been utilizing the incredible technology of the internet to make their lives more convenient, save money, and increase their standard of living. The whole point of a market economy is to serve the wants of consumers, so what is the issue with consumers choosing Amazon over going to a retail store?

For one, Trump mentions the tax revenue that is apparently lost when retail stores go out of business. This is mostly a non-issue as the government will still get its revenue when people get taxed when buying from Amazon or other online stores. Cities and towns may lose tax revenue as retailers go out of business, but maybe that is a good thing. Cities and towns are the perfect places to start enacting sound economic policies and efficient budgets. Cities and towns losing tax revenue should start allocating tax dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible and privatize services that they may not be able to afford to provide citizens.

Another complaint is that Amazon is causing unemployment when it is putting retailers out of business. Consider the introduction of the automobile to the market in the early 20th century. The innovation from horse and carriage to automobiles surely put a lot of carriage manufacturers out of business. The introduction of the automobile created a lot of jobs as well. Not only were people needed to build the cars, but new occupations arose from the new technology such as gas station attendants and car mechanics.
The same dynamic applies to the situation between Amazon and retail companies. Amazon should not be punished because retail stores were unable or unwilling to innovate to provide consumers with a better product or service. The way the market efficiently allocates resources is by allowing businesses to fail, so that more effective allocators of resources will have access to more resources. It is irrational as well as harmful to consumers to prop-up failing companies who are simply being out competed.

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Is Trump a Fascist?

“Proof that Donald Trump is a Fascist”

The Facebook page “Occupy Democrats” regularly discredits itself by posting factually incorrect memes full of absurdities. A parody page, “Occupy Democrats Logic”, regularly refutes the former’s posts. I won’t spend much time criticizing this meme, but I wanted to go down the list and briefly evaluate these claims, to put things in perspective.

  1. Though there has been a rise in the focus on nationalism during the 2016 election cycle, the U.S. is no where near the uniting nationalistic fervor of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy under Mussolini. I mean, Trump lost the popular vote against Hillary Clinton…
  2. I don’t even want to know what “Occupy Democrats” define as “human rights” but, I’m assuming they are mostly referring to the accusations from the left that Trump is racist, misogynist, anti-immigrant, etc. Now, Trump is certainly one of the more pro-LGBT presidents in recent history. He even made references to universal healthcare during the primary campaign as a way of fixing Obamacare. I realize the left considers everything and anything a human right, but it’s pretty clear that Trump isn’t against human rights by any means.
  3. I’m guessing that illegal immigration is what they had in mind when they made this statement. Besides the fact that Mexican people aren’t being round up and thrown in concentration camps (like FDR and the Japanese-Americans…), there isn’t much unity on this issue in the Republican camp.
  4. Trump did speak about rebuilding the military, but during the election cycle, he did express sentiments about not getting involved so much overseas. Of course, there aren’t huge military marches being led by Trump through the streets of D.C. like Hitler in Nazi Germany.
  5. Allowing Ivanka to be as involved as she is should be a clear indicator that men are not being treated superior to women under the Trump regime.
  6. Trump has been adamantly opposed to CNN and other mass media. The mass media (though giving him massive attention for ratings) has always been opposed to Trump.
  7. I think the whole paranoid left-wing conspiracy about Russia is a greater display of obsession with national security than anything Trump has done.
  8. Let’s not pretend Trump is religious…
  9. Corporate power was notably protected under FDR’s New Deal as well as with the institution of Obamacare.
  10. If they mean by leftist attempts to increase minimum wages…
  11. Because of the PBS defunding? Get over it.
  12. He was a little obsessed with punishing Hillary for her crimes. Can’t say I blame him.
  13. The deregulation we have seen so far, as well as opposition to trade deals seems to indicate a move toward less cronyism and corruption. Though I’m sure there is plenty of cronyism and corruption going on. This is business as usual for government.
  14. RUSSIA!!! But seriously, there have been voting corruption issues going back years and years.

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